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At the Pendleton UAS Range, we have a variety of hangars, test pads, and parcels available. Our secure 160-acre UAV Industrial Park offers small, medium, and large parcels that can be adjusted to meet your needs. Our existing and build-to-suit manufacturing spaces are ready to prove your development program's success.

*Subject to prior lease

Flex I Hangar-2.jpg


PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus

2-bay 9,600 sq. ft. hangar.

480 VAC, 1000amp electrical service.
The entire hangar is heated and air-conditioned. 
Each bay has a 40-foot electric bi-fold door. 
Each bay can be isolated with a roll-up door.

Bay 1 is 4,800 sq. ft.

897 sq. ft. of office space on the 1st floor.

897 sq. ft. of offices on the mezzanine.


Bay 2 is 4,800 sq. ft.

One office.

Testing room.

One bay has a door that is 60 ft wide and 16 ft high.
One bay has a door that is 53 ft. wide and 16 ft. high.  



18,000 sq. ft. (1 of 3 Bays Available).

The Available Bay is 6,000 sq. ft.

789 sq. ft. of Office Space.

A Full-Rated Usable Mezzanine Floor Above.

Two Private Bathrooms. 

The Entire Hangar is Heated.

Only the Office Area is Cooled. 

Epoxied and Heated Floors.

Each Bay has a 50 ft. Electric Bi-Fold Door. 

Each Bay can be Isolated with a Roll-Up Door.

66’ Wide by 74’ Deep Open Bays.  

The Door Widths are 60’ Wide by 16’ Tall.

PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
Flex Hangar 2 interior


PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus

3,500 sq. ft.

2,500 sq. ft. Bay.

1,000 sq. ft. Office & Admin Space.


16 Test Pads for Lease.

50’x50’ or Greater.

240v 50amp or 120v  30amp.

Water Hookup.

10 Gbps Fiber Connection.

PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus
Test Pads.jpg
Industrial Park Sign (1)_edited.jpg


PUR Pegasus
PUR Pegasus

200-Acre UAS Industrial Park.

Shovel Ready.


PUR Pegasus

The 33,000-sq. ft. hangar is an open span hangar with 106-ft segmented sliding doors on two sides and a ceiling height of 30 ft from floor to beams.  Partially remodeled in 2018, it received a new roof, lighting, heating system, expanded restroom facilities, and additional power, painting, and flooring.  The hangar floor is partially epoxied.  There are several offices, a tool room, a machine shop space, a conference room, and a breakroom.  There is an additional 10,000 sq. ft. (5,000 on each side) of unused mezzanine space.  The hoist appears to still be mounted on a crossbeam but has not been used in many years.  A modern fire suppression system would need to be installed, but installation is negotiable based on the terms of the lease.  The hangar has a marked-off hover pad to the east and an enormous concrete apron to the north.  The airport has a 26-acre apron (over 1.1 million sq. ft.), so aircraft parking is never a problem.

Sigma Event-01.jpg
PUR Dove (1).jpg


PUR Pegasus

Based on a Ford F-550 with an extended chassis, this mobile operation center is equipped with:

  • Quick Set Up.

  • 6 Monitors.

  • 2-3 Workstations.

  • 35 ft. Antenna Masks.

  • Self-Leveling Technology.

  • 10 Gbps Fiber Connections.

  • 19" Equipment Racks.


PUR Pegasus

Pendleton is ready for manufacturing. 

  • Centrally located.

  • 300+ acres of industrially-zoned property.

  • At-grade interstate access.

  • Restaurants for every taste.

  • Safe, pro-growth community.

  • Generous tax abatement and incentives for doing business in Pendleton.

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